July 18

Zoom Zoom A/B Testing Strategy


The Zoom Zoom A/B testing strategy will help you get better testing results by helping you focus on the things that matter most. Too many split testers test things that are so granular that they don’t even matter. This results in tests that have low lifts or no lift at all.

By following the Zoom-Zoom testing strategy you will be able to identify what matters to your visitors and get bigger gains faster because you will know where the value is.

In this video, you will learn several things to improve your testing efforts including:

  • How to avoid testing things that are too granular
  • What it means to zoom out with your business question
  • What a zoom zoom sandwich is
  • The 4 steps to following the Zoom-Zoom Testing Strategy

Testing Theory is where professional testers turn to do better A/B testing and get more conversions.

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