November 7

Case Study: Order Confirmation Page A/B Test


After a visitor has completed the main action you want them to take, what should you do with them at that point?

Once an order is complete you aren’t done with your visitors. They have a relationship with you and you have a relationship with them. Just because they have completed an order or signed up, that relationship still needs to be nurtured to encourage future opportunities.

This is a quick a/b testing case study of a test on the confirmation page. Our business question was about how much content we should show the visitor and what type of content would be most compelling to get a visitor to further engage.

In this video, you will learn several things to improve your testing efforts including:

  • How we created variations to offer different content
  • How we reduced some content to learn about the ideal amount of content
  • The things the test helped us learn and the gaps in our learning that needed follow up testing
  • A common principle that is applicable to most sites and businesses.

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