Multiple A/B Tests at Once

Have you wondered if you can run multiple A/B Tests at once? If you run more than one split test at once and do it correctly, running multiple tests can maximize your gains. If however, it is done incorrectly your testing program is put at risk.

This video will review the important considerations in making the decision to run multiple tests at once.

  • The strategy of running multiple tests at once
  • How location impacts the decision
  • How traffic levels impact the decision

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  • Oliver Paton says:

    Sorry buddy, but there is lots of incorrect information here. 1) you can run multiple tests in the same page. 2) comparing against the control of another test is impossible because the other page is likely to have a different conversion rate.

    • Rhett says:

      Hi, Oliver thanks for the comment. While it is possible to run more than one test on one page at a time, the likelihood of getting mixed signals goes go up. You are left wondering if any change in behavior is due to unisolated variables because a visitor is seeing multiple changes in multiple tests.

      As for comparing to the control, let me explain it a different way. If a visitor is in the control in one test and a variation in another test, that visitor is only seeing the changes of one test. So even though they are in two tests, you can isolate any impact because you can look at the visitors that are in the control experience of one test and a variation from the other test. This is what I mean when I say compare to the control of the other test. You are still calculating lift from the control of the same test of the variation you are looking at, but you are isolating the change you made by not looking at visitors in a variation of one test and variation of another test.

      I hope that makes more sense.

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