Intelligent Risk Taking

Many marketers and executives wonder if changing the site with A/B Testing is risky. They wonder about visitors seeing a lower performing experience during a split test. They question if we are moving people’s cheese with tests.

All of these concerns are related to risk. I will show you the strategies and concepts to use to help people overcome their misconceptions about risk.

At the end of the video, we will review a Norwegian Cruise Lines case study that was worth millions in revenue to them and increased revenue per visitor by 13%.

Better testing by understanding positive risk.
In this video, you will learn several things to improve your testing efforts including:

  • How risk is both positive and negative
  • How testing maximizes positive risk and minimizes negative risk
  • How testing has actual risks and perceived risks
  • 5 of the ways that split testing is intelligent risk taking
  • An example of how taking positive risks can drive a lot of revenue and conversions for your business

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