October 31

Hypothesis Handicapped A/B Testing


Trying to optimize a digital experience while you are hypothesis handicapped is like trying to live with handcuffs on. This video talks about 4 symptoms of being hypothesis handicapped and 4 ways to be free of it.

Optimizers that handicap their hypothesis don’t get the gains they otherwise would with their testing because they limit the possibilities of things they try.

In this video, we will discuss the makeup of a hypothesis and you will learn what it means to be hypothesis handicapped. We will talk about the symptoms which include:
• Testing only what you think will work
• Testing a small set of alternatives that all “safely” revolved around your main concept
• Test results show exactly what you had hoped would win so you stop testing more options
• Not forming any follow-up questions or testing actions

At the end, I will also give you four self-evaluation questions to free yourself from being hypothesis handicapped.

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