July 25

Heatmaps And A/B Testing

Like other correlative data sets, heatmaps are often used incorrectly to make decisions about a visitor experience. This video will review how to strategically use heatmaps with your split testing to get the maximum value for your visitors. We will also cover the 2 things to avoid doing as you use your site’s heatmaps.

By using your heatmaps the right way, you will be able to optimize your site faster and get that valuable and intuitive visual analysis with your testing.

In this video, you will learn several things to improve your testing efforts including:

  • How correlative heatmaps can hurt your optimization efforts
  • The danger of using click only heatmaps
  • The benefit of analyzing mouse movement heatmaps
  • The 4 steps to follow to get the most value out of your heatmap and testing data

Testing Theory is where professional testers turn to do better A/B testing and get more conversions.

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