March 26

Global Pandemic and A/B Testing


We are staying from home working from shopping online. We aren’t seeing each other except over digital checkerboards as we sit at home and share our screens. If nothing else, this pandemic has shown the need for better digital experiences that have been fully vetted through a/b testing.

I just talked to one of my good friends that I worked with years ago. He has been from industry to industry doing great work and he is now with a massive company that doesn’t do any digital testing. They have basic analytics, but split testing, a/b testing, or multivariate testing.

As one of the main ways of getting causal data why would you leave your digital fate to guesswork? Why would trust data or research or studies that were with the majority of your actual population?

I hope and pray that this calamity brings the world closer together even as borders are closed. I hope that companies and executives see the need to update their antiquated optimization and research thinking to move into the future of digital optimization using the best strategies and tools available to us today.

If your company isn’t maxing out the discover it can do on its digital channels, I invite you to seize this moment and lift with me the banner of digital experience optimization.

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