Foundational A/B Testing Course

Start making more money with your online experiments. 

Master the Theories of A/B Testing

If you want to run better tests so you can get more conversions and make more money you have to understand the principles of good split testing. In this course you will learn how to improve your optimization program with the right strategies, infrastructure, and culture of optimization.

Get More Wins, Bigger Wins, & More Insights With Your Experimentation

Increase Site Conversions

Make more money with each online experiment that you run. Better testing gives you more conversions.

Do More and Better Tests Faster

Proper testing strategy, execution, and mindset enable you to get more value by maximizing the tests you can do.

Become Your Own Testing Expert

By learning the principles and theories of master level experimentation you become your own expert.

Proven Principles That Work

These principles and theories were established from seeing hundreds of companies do thousands of tests.

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Sr. Manager, Testing & Optimization

Understandable and Actionable

Rhett Norton is a true CRO expert who is now helping many others to learn his skills. He lays things out in a way that is not only understandable, but also actionable. I look forward to learning much more from him.

Ryan Pizzuto


Focused, Efficient, Easier

I can say with confidence that my optimization program has become more focused, more efficient, and somehow easier to manage. Rhett has really helped us focus our program while challenging us to get the most out of it.

Mark Sorkin


Improved Quality of Testing Program

Rhett brings experience from multiple clients in multiple industries to enhance our testing optimization. His great passion to create the optimal approach to testing best practices has improved the quality of our testing program.

What's in the Course?

Learn the principles of the three foundational pillars of successful A/B Testing - Testing Strategies and Tactics, Creating Infrastructure & Execution, and Creating a Culture of Optimization through Leadership and Influence.

A/B Testing



Module 1: Importance of Testing Theory

Learn why testing theory is vital to your testing business.


Module 2: What is A/B Testing?

Learn the basics of what testing is and the types of changes you can make. We will also discuss the different types of tests that can be run.


Module 3: Feed the Machine, Garbage In Garbage Out

Learn the importance of putting good inputs into the testing program. This course will be good background for the more advanced and in-depth courses that follow.


Module 4: Types of Tests and When to Use Them

Different types of tests are like tools in a tool box and learning what all the testing tools are and when to use them will help you choose the type of test that you should run.


Module 5: Scientific Method and Digital Testing

Learn how the scientific method of testing can give focus to your testing efforts. This will be a foundational course that will lead to more advanced methodology and strategic theory courses. This course will also illustrate why some of the foundational infrastructure and process need to be in place.


Module 5: Beginning a Testing Series - What to Test First and Existence Testing

The first test of your site or a new test of series doesn't have to be a wild guess. It can be the most disciplined and efficient of all your tests. Your first test can be the beginning of a journey that can lead you to the buried treasure of your site. In this course I will show you the best questions to ask that will help you learn the most, maximize the value of your initial tests, and lead to the best follow up tests.

A/B Testing



Module 1: How to Build a Testing Program

Learn what it takes to build a solid testing program. - I will introduce you to the three pillars of every successful testing program. - I will also show you the stages of evolution that most programs experience.


Module 2: Calling a Winner, Metrics and the Human Element

Learn the measures you should look at to declare a winner and what it looks like to have a balance as you use both metrics and the human element to find and declare a winning experience. I will give you guidance so you don't declare an experience the winner when it actually isn't. I will also give you some strategies for making sure your winning


Module 3: Creating Infrastructure with Process

Learn the six things you need to do to establish an exceptional process that will allow the team to succeed as they work together and navigate every step involved in building and executing quality tests.


Module 4: Creating Infrastructure with Documentation

Learn the eight essential documents every testing program needs and I will teach you the key principles behind each document so you can use documentation as a strategic advantage in your testing program.

A/B Testing



Module 1: Cross Functional Team, The Right Resources Roles and Responsibilities

Learn all the roles that must be dedicated to testing that are vital to the success of any world-class optimization program. We will cover the skills these roles need to have and some strategies you can take when you know you need more people but are building up to a full team or are temporarily understaffed because of turnover.


Module 2: Goals of the Testing Program and Benchmarking Success

Learn the three things the most successful companies measure as their ultimate goals for a testing program. We will talk about initiatives that come and go and how the testing program should optimize when there are new initiatives.


Module 3: Metrics to Money, Primary and Secondary Success Metrics

Testing is a very different discipline compared to analytics. Learn the way you should use metrics for a testing program, which metrics matter, and how to most effectively use multiple metrics to maximize your learning and profitability.


Module 4: Turnover, Training, Onboarding, and Enablement

Learn about the importance of training the core testing team. We will discuss the importance of expanding training outside the testing team and the positive impact that can have of on culture. In this course we will discuss strategies to minimize the impact of turnover and losing expertise. We will also review the way to get maximum value out of this training course as you ramp up new employees.

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The strategies in these courses have been gleaned after seeing hundreds of companies run thousands of tests. After seeing that many tests, the patterns for success have slowly emerged. 

Rather than guessing over thousands of tests, hundreds of lost hours, and millions in lost revenue, you can learn the strategies that will help you be successful without all that time and wasted effort.

For most companies, the benefit of one successful test is more than enough to cover the cost of this course.

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