March 12

A/B Testing vs Multivariate Testing


What is the difference between an A/B test and a Multivariate test? When should you use one test versus the other? What are the key differences between multivariate testing and A/B testing? In this video, we will review the main points that conversion rate optimizers need to understand to appropriately leverage the right tool for the job.

I will also teach the holistic testing strategy of using A/B testing and multivariate testing together.

In this video, you will learn several things to improve your testing efforts including:

  • The Goals of the A/B test versus the multivariate test
  • The Benefits of doing A/B testing versus the multivariate testing
  • The Cons of the A/B test versus the multivariate test
  • The Use Cases for A/B testing versus the multivariate testing
  • How the hypothesis differs between the A/B test and the multivariate test
  • The Holistic Testing Strategy to leverage as you make the best use of both testing methods

Testing Theory is where professional testers turn to do better A/B testing and get more conversions.

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