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Do you want more impactful results with each A/B test you run? Do you want split tests that generate larger lifts? Do you want gains that have real impact on revenue for your business?

In this course you will learn the advanced conversion rate optimization strategies I have used to get massive gains on test after test.

Good A/B testing happens because of good strategy, being able to execute the tests well, and because the organization is bought into testing. In this course, you will learn the foundational things you need to know to begin doing good A/B Testing. This is the perfect course for someone that is new to Experience Optimization and wants to learn some of the foundational concepts to level up their knowledge.

Modules in Each Course

Advanced Strategies

Strategize before you use advanced strategies

More Winning Tests

Optimal Number of Variations Per A/B Test?

Hypothesis Strategies

Strategies to Avoid Becoming Hypothesis Handicapped

Evaluating A/B Tests with the Efficiency Equation

Ideation Framework for Generating A/B Testing Ideas

Advanced A/B Testing strategies for bigger lifts and more winners

Existence Testing Strategy

Baseline Testing Strategy

Self Selection Strategy

Examples: Baseline and Self Selection Tests

The "Guess Who" Testing Strategy

"My Precious" Testing Strategy

Zoom Zoom Testing Strategy

Speed vs Control Testing Strategy

Rapid Iteration Strategies

CTA Stacking Strategy

"The Impossible" Testing Strategy

Combining Multiple Testing Strategies

Foundational Strategies

Foundational Testing Strategies

Importance of Testing Theory

What is A/B Testing?

Feed the Machine - Garbage In Garbage Out

Types of Tests and When to Use Them

Scientific Method and Digital Testing

Beginning a Testing Series - What to Test First and Existence Testing

Foundational Testing Infrastructure

How to Build a Testing Program

Calling a Winner - Metrics and the Human Element

Creating Infrastructure with Process

Creating Infrastructure with Documentation

Foundational Culture of Optimization

Cross Functional Team - The Right Resources Roles and Responsibilities

Goals of the Testing Program and Benchmarking Success

Metrics to Money - Primary and Secondary Success Metrics

Turnover, Training, Onboarding, and Enablement

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If you are ready to ramp up your optimization game then choose your course and let's improve the conversions on each test that you run!

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